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Samsung Level On Wireless Pro (EO-PN920CFEGWW, Gold)
Samsung LEVEL On Wireless Headphones (EO-PN900BREGWW, Red)
Samsung  Advanced Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones (Black)
Samsung Level U Pro with ANC Headphones (EO-BG935CWEGWW, White)
Samsung Earphones (Tuned by AKG) (EO-IG955BSEGWW, Titanium Gray)
Samsung Level Active Running Earphones (EO-BG930CBEGWW, Black)
Samsung Level U Pro Wireless Headphones (EO-BN920CBEGWW, Blue Black)
Samsung Level In with ANC Black Headphones (EO-IG930BBEGWW, Black)
Samsung LEVEL U Wireless Headphones (EO-BG920BWEGWW, White)
Samsung Knob Metal In-Ear Headphones (EO-IA510BLEGWW)
Samsung In-ear Headphones with Remote (EO-HS1303LEGWW, Dodgerblue)
Samsung In Ear Bluetooth Headset EO-MN910 (EO-MN910VBEGWW,Black)
Samsung Wired In-Ear Headphones (EO-EG920BBEGWW, Black)