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Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger (EP-PG950BDEGWW, Brown)
Samsung Multi Wireless Charging Pad (EP-PA710TBEGGB, Black )
Samsung DeX Station (EE-MG950TBEGGB)
Samsung Dex Station (EE-MG950BBEGWW)
Samsung Fast In/Out Battery Pack (5,100mAh) (EB-PG950CNEGWW, Navy Blue)
Samsung Rechargable Battery Pack with Fast Charging (EB-PN920UFEGWW, Gold, 5200mAh)
Samsung Rechargeable Battery Pack (8,400mAh) (EB-PG850BSEGWW, Silver)
Samsung HDMI Adaptor (USB type C) (EE-HG950DBEGWW)
Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Stand (EP-NG930BBEGWW, Black, for S7/S7 edge/S6 )
Samsung Rechargeable Battery Pack (5200 mAh) (EB-PA500USEGWW, Silver)
Samsung Wireless Charging Pad (EP-PG920IBEGWW, Black)
Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Charging Pad (EP-PN920BWEGWW, White)
Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Pad  with Travel Adaptor (EP-PN920TBEGGB, Black)
Samsung Gear S2 Wireless Charger Dock (EP-OR720BBEGWW, Black)
Samsung Evo Range Rechargeable Battery Pack (10,200mAh) (EB-PA710BLEGWW, Blue )
Samsung Battery (Galaxy S4) (EB-B600BEBECWW)
Samsung Battery for Galaxy Note 4 (Black)
Samsung Evo Range Rechargeable Battery Pack (5,100mAh) (EB-PA510BLEGWW, Blue )
Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Dual USB Car Charger USB-C (EP-LN920CBEGWW, Black, Dual USB slot)
Samsung Battery (Galaxy S5) (EB-BG900BBEGWW)
Samsung Li-Ion Battery (Galaxy S3) (Black)
Samsung Rechargeable Battery Pack (EB-PJ200BBEGWW, Black)
Samsung Fast Charging In-Car Adapter (EP-LN915UBEGWW)
Samsung Adaptive fast charging Car Charger (EP-LN915CBEGWW, Black, USB type C Cable)
Samsung Mini Wireless Charging Pad (EP-PA510BBEGWW, Black)
Samsung Gear 360 BC200AB (AKKU 1350mAh, Black)
Samsung Battery for Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 (EB-BG388BBECWW, 2200mAh)
Samsung Car Charger (ECA-U16CBEGSTD)
Samsung Travel Adapter Micro-USB 3 pin charger (ETA0U10UBECSTD)
Samsung LED Cap for 5,100mAh Evo Battery Pack (ET-LA510BLEGWW, Blue)
Samsung LED Cap for 10,200mAh Evo Battery Pack (ET-LA710BLEGWW)