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Simple Touch Features
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Samsung 360 Multiroom Speaker

Designed to be acoustically perfect, Samsung's Wireless Audio 360 revolutionises the way we experience audio.
Get ready to enjoy sound constructed and tuned by acclaimed audio engineers at Samsung's state-of-the-art audio lab in California delivering the reference to equally balanced sound.

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Take full control

You're in control of the sound. Use your phone or tablet to play your favourite tracks, control the playlist and volume - on one or multiple speakers - from anywhere in your home.


Effortless Control

Touch functionality makes the speakers intuitive and easy to use. Tap the top of the speakers to play or pause music, swipe left or right to switch between tracks, and touch to adjust the volume.

Multiple connectivity

Connect multiple speakers using your home Wi-Fi network or just connect to one via Bluetooth. Remotely control volume and music on your system across different devices* using Samsung’s Multiroom Link solution which connects all of your devices, so you’re in full control.

*Available only for Multiroom Link compatible devices.

360° Surround sound

Unlike conventional speakers that project sound in a single direction, its omni-directional sound fills the entire room thanks to Samsung’s ‘Ring Radiator’ technology, which disperses sound evenly in all directions.

  • conventional audio

    Conventional Audio

  • Radiant audio

    360 Audio

Iconic Design

The sleek and aerodynamic design of the Wireless 360 Speaker lets it blend seamless with any home interior. The stylish floor stand allows you to place your speakers anywhere, so you can ensure optimal sound from any location. *

* Connection to power source required
** Tripod sold separately.



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